Healthy Weeknight Dinner

Zoodles- aka. zucchini noodles are an easy and healthy alternative to pasta, but just as easy to cook!

Here is the “recipe” that I have been making lately. You make it up as you go!


-1 zucchini per persn, or more- depends on hunger level

-some shredded carrots

-organic, homemade and/or low sodium- healthy pasta sauce

-extra veggies to cook in the pasta sauce: carrots, onions, peppers etc.

Grab a vegetable spiralizer, you can get expensive ones that you wind up or you can get cheaper hand held ones where you just put in the zucchini as if you were using a pencil sharpener. I actually found one of these at the dollar store, so it can be super cheap!

Once you have your pile of zoodles, add some carrots and you can either eat them completely raw (like my mom likes them) or you can saute them in a bit of olive oil.

They get pretty watery so you can put them on plate covered with paper towel before serving them.

Then just add pasta sauce!

Hope you enjoy!  Let me know how you like it, when you make it!



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