July Actuals and August Hopes

Hope all my Canadian friends had a nice and relaxing long weekend!

One thing I changed this month in my budget is basing my actual percentages on my actual income, not my budgeted income amount. This amount isn’t much higher, a few dollars most months, but includes things like any interest earned, gifted money or any extra income.

I was very much over my discretionary spending, but I still managed to save a fair chunk, 51%.

Let’s see how the categories fared:


Some were kind of close, and some were very off. I also did a tally to find out which day I spend the most times in, as in how many trips to spend money not total amount spent each day. Result: Wednesdays I spend the most amount of times, followed by Thursday and Friday. New plan: Wednesdays are a no spend day this month.

As per a reader’s (Check out The Small Investor) suggestion, in August I will use the envelope system in hopes to curb my Restaurant and Misc spending or at least keep it in check.

Also! Finally some exciting investing news, I finally opened my first investing account. I opened one with Tangerine as my starter account to get a grasp on this whole thing. I’ve also been playing around with Questrade as it is recommended by a number of people. Shameless plug- if you open a Tangerine account with my Orange Key: 40909554S1 you get a $50 Bonus!

Shopping Ban Update: It was going quite well and easy until this weekend. I didn’t buy anything! But the urge to buy new make up was very strong. Social media and especially YouTube is killer. That and limited edition makeup- WHY do you do this to me?! I had some down time and watched some YT gurus, just two videos and I really wanted to go buy makeup…

*Sigh*, but I will endure!!

Other than that, it’s been going well, no desire to buy any clothes or any other of my usual vices.

The focus for this month is to really

Double the Trouble also helped; making something twice the price makes you think if it’s really worth having.

The most helpful thing in deterring my spending has been seeing the sheer amount of how much stuff I have!

One more thing for August, I will start this de-cluttering schedule that I found on Pinterest. I have changed it a bit, since I won’t be cleaning out the kitchen and such:


I hope everyone enjoys the last real month of summer to the fullest!



11 thoughts on “July Actuals and August Hopes

  1. I’m sure you’ve already considered this, but if your misc budget is that high in proportion to the rest of your budget I’d recommend piecing it out and trying to get that percentage down. While it’s an arbitrary number, I like to keep mine around 5%, anything more and I see if I can make a different category for repeating purchases.


    1. Thanks for the comment! I used to have it broken down in the budget, and I still do keep track of all the categories in a different spreadsheet ie: clothing, entertainment etc. I just find this way is easier for the blog. Since I’m not shopping, I really hope to see this percentage way down this month!!

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    1. Wow! Thanks! I just quickly skimmed it tonight, but will be reading it full force tomorrow morning! I will probably have some questions, but hopefully not too many!


  2. I hope the de-clulttering is going well! You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award :)https://savingwithoutscrimping.wordpress.com/2015/08/13/just-a-little-something-that-brightened-my-day-liebster-award/


    1. It’s actually going pretty well! I didn’t do it day by day, or in order, I did a few off the list every couple nights and in the order that I felt like.

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  3. I know I’m behind on this post but it caught my eye because of the decluttering challenge. I have been working on decluttering all summer. Seeing this list (a diff version than I have seen before) has given me some good ideas. Next up for me is the kitchen. Which I am dreading. Thanks for the reminder to declutter!

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