Rookie Mistake

I got charged interest on my credit card….


I messed up the due date and got charged interest.


Do you guys have any financial mishaps that have happened lately?



4 thoughts on “Rookie Mistake

  1. I made a note to pay a bill before a certain date in August so it wouldn’t mess up my budget. Except somehow I later took the note as confirmation and ended up with a late charge 😦


  2. That’s actually how I gave up credit cards. I would pay off the card each month but put most expenses on a credit card. One month the bill was something like $1,832 and I wrote a check with $1,832 in the number box but “One-Thousand Thirty Two Dollars Only” on the line. The credit card company quietly cashed the check for $1032, charged me the month of interest on the $1832 balance because I didn’t pay it off in full, charged me interest on the next months charges, then refused to reverse anything even though they admitted that it was obvious I had just made a mistake on the check when I called. I paid enough to make sure I covered whatever interest had built up on the newest charges and cut up the card.

    I swore I would only use debit cards from that point, but actually after about ten years \ went to a rewards card from my bank with automated payments at the end of the month from my account, so supposedly I can’t get but again. We’ll see. I’ve found that credit card companies will do what they can to get you, and that even if you think you’ll pay it off every month, you’ll get charged interest at some point..


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