It’s Been a While…

I’ve been off in my little offline world for a few months.

Lots happened… than lots slowed down. Life wise- things have been exciting. Money wise- not much has been going on. But then again, money affects a lot of things, so that’s not completely true.

So to update on my life; some exciting things have happen: the most exciting being that I got engaged (!) back at the end of August.

Then I got laid off.

Then I found a new job! Luckily it was a quick turnover but it definitely had an effect on my budget and savings- especially because we threw an engagement party in the middle of me being unemployed. I look forward on working to build up my savings further.

Now, especially with the new year ahead I am looking forward to some big things, some new challenges and some changes. I wanted to come back on here and document the next phase of my life, share some tips and lessons and connect with others going through the same.

Hope the last few months have been good for everyone else as well.




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