How I Stay Organized

One of the easiest ways to reduce stress is to stay organized. Whether it’s your daily life, your finances or your meals, having a plan to deal with the chaos helps to stay on track.

Over the summer I came across the Bullet Journal method of journaling and organizing an agenda. The author and developer of the site does a fantastic job fully explaining how the bullet journal works.

I have chosen to use the essentials of the method to keep it simple for myself. I use the symbols for daily tasks, appointments, meetings and notes (pictured below).

 I have also simplified the monthly spread and just do a big overview of my month, inclusing due dates, events and fiancial matters. 

This method keeps it simple, in perspective and easily accessible. You can make it to fit your own needs as complex or as simple as they are. 



2 thoughts on “How I Stay Organized

  1. I love the idea of bullet journal but like you I found I had to simplify it a great deal to use it.

    I’ve begun doodling more which gives me a creative outlet and breaks up my many pages of texts 🙂


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