Dealing with Disappointing News

Last March my then fiancée, now husband and I purchased a pre-construction house from a builder.

Dreaming of a house of our own, we weighted the pros and cons, deliberated, talked to others and decided that this was the right decisions for us.

The house came with a thick contract, over a year wait and promises of a beautiful space. The closing date was tentatively May 9th of this year.

Yesterday, a letter came our way to tell us that our beautiful, dreamy house wouldn’t close until August 29… 3.5 months later.

While bummed to the extreme and talking to others we realized that we are in a much better situation than lots of others have experienced with new builds.

Having the house closing pushed back gives us the chance to save even more money, leaving us in a better place once we actually move… we may even be able to get furniture right away! We get to spend more time living at home and enjoying the perks of living with parents (aka. no cooking or laundry involved!) and my personal favourite reason: my parents’ cat; more time with him.

The horror stories I heard about 14 months extra wait time, or about how the wrong model was poured on the lot made me feel grateful that at least we are only delayed once. If this delay is the only problem we encounter, we’ll be very blessed (and lucky).

Things don’t always turn out the way you expected, but pick a positive point to keep you going and remember that things can always be worse.



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