January Challenge Recap

Today marks the end of the first month of 2017!

How is everyone feeling? Are you feeling accomplished or do you feel like you want to start all over? This is my favourite thing about having a difference challenge every month! Just when you get tired of doing one thing, you get to switch it up!

January was the pushup challenge for me. Here’s a recap:

How it Went: I felt good about this challenge! It’s amazing how fast our body improves with practice and repetition. On Jan.1 I could barely do 1 pushup, today I can do 10 reps for four sets! The challenge itself goes up to 15 reps by the last day- but I wasn’t there yet. I know what I’m working towards next. I found that keeping up with the schedule was pretty easy since you can pushups just about anywhere.

What I Learned: When you do something often you get in tune with the moves you’re doing and start noticing little changes in how you feel. In the past week or so I started to notice that I wasn’t feeling as strong as the previous weeks. I realized that I need to improve my diet. Eat better, more nutritious food and definitely increase my protein intake.

What’s Next: I’m going to keep working on increasing my pushup reps, building more muscle and strength. As for February; it’s NO SPEND month. I really need this to get my spending back down and under control. Rules are simple, can’t spend money on anything non-essential. I also signed up for the Frugalwoods’ “Uber frugal month” to keep me motivated and in check. Join in and see how well we can control our spending this month!




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