Hi There!
Photo on 2015-02-15 at 10_Fotor

My name’s Ramona. I started this blog to keep myself accountable during my debt repayment journey. Over time, this has evolved into much more for me. Although I’m still paying off some debt, that’s not all my life revolves around. My other life activities include:

  • Travelling as much as I can afford
  • Studying for my accounting designation
  • Drinking lots of good coffee (no k-cups, please)
  • Dealing with being a makeup junkie
  • Playing and cuddling with my cat
  • Obsessing over scented candles
  • Trying local vegetarian and vegan restaurants
  • Constantly looking for ways to better myself and my life

If you like to partake in any of the above-mentioned activities, please come by my blog and we can discuss.

Feel free to contact me at redlipstickblackbudget@gmail.com

Debt Tracker

03/01/2015  $5,490.84

04/01/2015  $4,036.01

05/01/2015  $2,552.76

05/15/2015  $0.00 !!


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